Unlocking Phosphorus in Your Soil

Across the board, fertilizer prices are higher in 2021. While nitrogen often gets the most attention, phosphorus prices are up the most.

While fertilizer prices are higher, it’s important to remember the context. Prices are up from historic lows and, for the most part, remain well below the levels of 2011-2014. The exception, however, is phosphorus fertilizer. In many ways, phosphorus is the biggest chapter of the 2021 fertilizer story...

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We have a solution.

AdvancedAg and P Availability

Well before the increase in fertilizer costs, we have had an influx of producers come to AdvancedAg looking for alternative options to feed their crops. Something to "balance" the scales a bit, instead of relying so heavily on synthetic fertilizers. A way to access what's already in their soil.

It is well known, through various sources of academia over the last 2 decades, that P solubilization occurs largely through bacteria/fungi interactions with the plant.

Although each acre of soil could have hundreds, or thousands of pounds of P, hardly any of it is in a plant available form. Plants obtain their P from the soil solution in the form of dihydrogen phosphate/hydrogen phosphate, or ionic forms of orthophosphate.

The problem with applying P every year is that a large fraction of plant available, inorganic P (applied as chemical fertilizer) is immobilized rapidly and becomes unavailable to plants.

In our consortium of bacteria (ACF-SR), many species of bacteria are extremely efficient at solubilizi