AdvancedAg Specialized Brewing Technology.

The BrewTus was designed with the end-user in mind.

Our simple step-by-step software guides you through each brew to ensure the highest level of quality control and guaranteed minimum analysis of our specialized bacteria blend. 


The BrewTus is available in a variety of models, customized for different industries.

Whether you are a large farmer, greenhouse producer, or have multiple sites where a mobile version of the BrewTus would be ideal; adaptability is the ultimate feature of the BrewTus.



Mobile Phone



Black Soil


Farm Field

BrewTus 4000

The BrewTus™ 4000 is ideal for large-scale distribution and for dealers moving large quantities of product.


The BrewTus™ 4000 is capable of producing up to 40,000 US gallons of brewed product every 96 hours. The BrewTus™ 4000 is fully customizable to your operation, with indoor, outdoor, and mobile options available.

Micro BrewTus



If you are a greenhouse operator, cannabis grower, landscaper, or a farmer looking to take control of your own bacteria culturing, the Micro BrewTus™ is perfect for you.


This is an all-in-one plug-in and brew unit is capable of producing up to 1350 US gallons of brewed product every

96 hours. Tank and heater included.


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