AdvancedAg Specialized Brewing Technology.

The BrewTus was designed with the end-user in mind.

Our simple step-by-step software guides you through each brew to ensure the highest level of quality control and guaranteed minimum analysis of our specialized bacteria blend. 


The BrewTus is available in a variety of models, customized for different industries.

Whether you are a large farmer, greenhouse producer, or have multiple sites where a mobile version of the BrewTus would be ideal; adaptability is the ultimate feature of the BrewTus.



Mobile Phone



Black Soil


Farm Field

BrewTus 4000

The BrewTus™ 4000 is ideal for large-scale distribution and for dealers moving large quantities of product.


The BrewTus™ 4000 is capable of producing up to 40,000 US gallons of brewed product every 96 hours. The BrewTus™ 4000 is fully customizable to your operation, with indoor, outdoor, and mobile options available.

Micro BrewTus



If you are a greenhouse operator, cannabis grower, landscaper, or a farmer looking to take control of your own bacteria culturing, the Micro BrewTus™ is perfect for you.


This is an all-in-one plug-in and brew unit is capable of producing up to 1350 US gallons of brewed product every

96 hours. Tank and heater included.



The M-Series BrewTus Unit is great for water and wastewater applications. The first of its kind was sent out to the

City of Spruce Grove to treat 20 storm ponds in 2021.

The M-Series is manually run, without software

or a touch screen.


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