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Function-focused bacteria to rapidly enhance your soil and plant health.


Agriculture is the mainstay of our Canadian economy. We believe promoting sustainable farming through natural processes is crucial to the longevity of the industry.

Our Bacteria

The bacteria in ACF-SR perform key functions in the soil, including fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere, solubilizing essential nutrients, such as phosphorus and potassium, and producing phytohormones, which provide the full spectrum of Plant Growth Promoting (PGP) functions in the soil.


To ensure ACF-SR provides the full spectrum of needed functions, individual species are grown on special nutrients under specific conditions, to ensure functions are present without genetic engineering.



Brewing our beneficial blend of five bacteria species will produce high culture counts, lower input costs to ensure large scale applications are practical. 


Our patented brewing process allows our function-focused bacteria to reproduce rapidly before application. Our BrewTus software ensures a Gold Standard of quality control.


We have a number of AdvancedAg Certified Brewers set up across Canada. See our dealer map for new locations

Brings Efficiency to Your Operation

Meet the “BrewTus,” our specialized brew technology. 


The BrewTus was designed with the end-user in mind. Our simple step-by-step software guides you through each brew to ensure the highest level of quality control and guaranteed minimum analysis. 


The BrewTus is customized for different industries. Whether you are a farmer, greenhouse producer, or have multiple sites, adaptability is the ultimate feature of the BrewTus.

Research & Results

Since bringing our biotechnology into agriculture in 2015, we have partnered with multiple third party research organizations to perform replicated plot and field trials. Varying the application rates and methods, studying compatibility with other products, and treating a variety of crops, we can prescribe treatment plans with confidence. Also, the results have validated our proprietary edge as a leader in biotechnology. 


Root development for soil health and biology is key to all agricultural practices, especially for producers working with thousands of acres. The bacteria in ACF-SR has a guaranteed minimum analysis and built-in functions to ensure healthier soil and plants, which reduces stress, input costs and reliance on synthetic chemicals.

Become a DEALER

Create opportunities and expand your business by brewing ACF-SR on-site. Become a dealer, decrease your input costs, generate income and supply nearby locations.


Contact us to become an AdvancedAg Certified Brewer and join our incredible dealer network, increasing your return on investment.

A Regenerative Investment

Research Driven

Business Opportunity

Instant Cost Savings


ACF-SR restores soil health, boosts nutrient uptake, and increases crop yield and health in greenhouses. The key to creating a defined, stable, and potent mix of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) is to apply without altering an existing plant-care regimen. With the right program, we can reduce grow times in both hydroponic systems and soil applications.


Fruit and vegetable producers rely on the quality and yield of their crops. ACF-SR increases Brix, overall crop quality and yield, which reduces the reliance on synthetic chemicals without compromising input costs.


Try ACF-SR on a forage or pasture. Whether you are looking for tonnage increase, higher quality, or reduced plant stress, ACF-SR has proven to be a great option for forage producers. Of all the crops we have studied, ACF-SR has produced some of the most consistent and significant results on dryland and irrigated forages.

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