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to Improve Soil & Water Health

Leading-edge biotech changing the way we think about bacteria.


Years of Innovation

& Research


Natural & Organic 

Certified Products

Proudly Canadian

& Family Owned

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Trusted Across Many Industries


We Provide 

Sustainable Solutions

for Our Environment

The bacteria we cultivate are 100% natural, organic certified, CFIA approved, non-toxic, and never genetically modified. 


Our bacteria provide proven results and will play an integral role in creating and maintaining sustainable soil and aquatic ecosystems for future generations. 

Committed to Research

Research is the foundation of our success and one of the most important values in our company. We understand biological products will play a vital role in environmental remediation. Therefore, we are committed to ongoing third-party research.

Dedicated to Relationships

Our mission is to develop a team of innovative, inspired thinkers, creating a sustainable shift in the water and agricultural industries. 


We are dedicated to authentic relationships and proud to collaborate with over 30 provincial/federal government entities, academic institutions, third party consulting, research facilities, environmental corporations, agricultural and aquatic industry experts and countless business owners. 

Proven Results

We are proud of our long-standing reputation of quantifiable results. Innovative biotech is only effective if results are proven in real-world scenarios. Whether we are saving input costs for producers, cleaning up a body of water, or transforming your lawn, we know how important it is to have consistent, sustainable results.