About Us

AdvancedAg Inc. is a family owned, award winning, Canadian company with over 20 years of leading edge research on culturing specific bacteria species for a range of applications. 


Our proprietary brewing technology allows us to selectively grow, stabilize and blend individual strains of bacteria into biologically active products to promote soil and crop health.

AdvancedAg Inc. has a mission to develop a team of innovative, inspired thinkers, creating a sustainable shift in the agriculture industry. 

Agriculture is the mainstay of our Canadian economy. We believe promoting sustainable farming through natural processes is crucial to the longevity of the industry.


Proudly Canadian


Our Team

Dr. Phyllis Day Chief 


As the Founder of AAG, Dr. Phyl had an illustrious career teaching at Lethbridge College. Her entrepreneurial spirit, expertise in technical writing and passion for her family were the cornerstones for AAG. 

Her current role is on the Management Team, providing vision, writing proposals, and mentoring team members. Most importantly, because of the strength of the AAG team, she is doing much of this from Arizona!

Rewarding company milestones have been awards from the National Research Council and the Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation-West, both recognition of AAG’s leadership in finding innovative, sustainable solutions for soil and water. 


Joshua Day Chief


Joshua’s background is in environmental reclamation. He joined the “Advanced” team in 2013 to conduct numerous research projects funded by the National Research Council. He has continued to grow the reputation and development of the AdvancedAg product line from third party research and engaging in a team approach.


Today, Joshua works very closely with dealers, suppliers and end-users to solve many soil and water issues. He has a passionate vision that extends globally for AdvancedAg.


Joshua is the most recent recipient of the Lethbridge College’s Honouring Excellence, Rising Star Award


Ashley Wevers


Ashley plays a key role in operations. As the Chief Financial Officer, Ashley ensures the books are balanced and all team members are recognized for their contributions.


Ashley worked part-time in the family business while completing a diploma from the Lethbridge College (2009), followed by a Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) degree from the University of Lethbridge (2014).


After graduating, Ashley was able to focus 100% on AdvancedAg. Her passion for numbers and problem solving, along with her willingness to work with peers and family, are all assets.


Ryan Parker

Logistics Manager

Hired in 2017 as our first non-family employee, Ryan brings a mechanical edge to the Advanced Ag team by utilizing his experience in the plumbing and mechanical trades. Ryan holds the title of Operations Manager but is better known as the Brewmaster, creator of the BrewTus, and all things brewing related.


The technology created by Ryan has allowed us to apply over a million gallons of Advanced Ag product(s) to water and farmland.


Sheva Whitehead 

Marketing Manager

Sheva has always had a passion for storytelling, which lead her to pursue a career in marketing, communications, and media. After graduating in 2017 from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Fine Arts - New Media, she spent time working with non-profit organizations and local businesses. During that time she created digital content, planned events, and implemented a variety of successful marketing campaigns. 


In 2020, Sheva joined the AdvancedAg team as the Marketing and Administration Assistant. She is the first person to answer the phone, handle invoices, and send messages to our clients and dealers. Sheva brings a creative perspective to the AdvancedAg team.


Travis Albrecht 

Ag Advisor

Travis Albrecht is a 4th generation farmer in southeastern Alberta. He grows primarily cereal grains, pulse crops, hay, and also has a commercial cow herd. He started to become more interested in the products he was putting on his family land and looking to the future generations to make the land better and more productive to pass onto his two daughters. He has been changing his practices to work toward a more sustainable future for his farm and ranch with increased ROI.  


Travis was the first farmer in North America to brew AAG product and use it on broad acre farming, something he is proud of. Now, he manages AAG’s dealers and works with the farmers, determining the best combinations for each crop. Also, he plays a key role in developing global markets as the company is growing. Travis enjoys seeing the AAG sales increase and helping other farmers make their land and farms more profitable.


John Wong

Head Scientist

As our head scientist, John is a crucial member of the team and is always focused on product development and moving our biotechnology further into the agriculture industry. John has over 30 years of experience working with individual bacteria strains for environmental remediation. 


John is the holder of US and international biotech patents. He has a Bachelor in Microbiology Chemistry and also holds his Master's Degrees in Biochemical Engineering and Business Administration. John is the developer of our product line and is actively involved in ongoing research into probiotics and low toxicity bio fertilizers and bio pesticides for sustainable agriculture. 


Daniel Wevers

IT Manager

Daniel has a diverse work experience in business management, computer technology, project management and coordination. Daniel recently completed furthering his education with a diploma in Computer Information Technology at the Lethbridge College. His experience and education has culminated into a passion for technology in business.

His experience and education provide him with the specific expertise in computer technologies, which allows him to lead the AdvancedAg team in all areas of technology including web development, software development, networking and database design and other tech integrations. 

Daniel has been a member of the AdvancedAg team since 2009, holding roles including applications specialist to his current position as IT Manager. 


Scott Walker

Research & Development

Scotty “Data” Walker's interest in biological stimulants started as an organic farmer in 1979. After a couple of years of farming, Scott went back to school at Guelph University to study agriculture further. He focused on a study to grow apples and implemented integrated pest management in 1985 incorporating the use of foliar nutrition.


In the early 2000s, Scott made his way over to the prairies. Over the course of the next few years, he decided to move forward as an independent in research and development of biologicals and biological stimulants. As a member of the Federal Supplements Advisory Committee (FSAC), Scott strives to ensure biological products are registered properly in Canada.


Do you want to run a trial on your farm? Do you want to talk data and about other biologicals in the industry? Scott is the guy you want to talk to.