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Joshua Day Chief


Joshua Day Chief is Chief Executive Officer of AdvancedAg (AAG). Since 2013, he has propelled the company's growth through groundbreaking research projects that have helped redefine biological technology in the agriculture industry. 


Collaborating closely with dealers, suppliers, and end-users, Joshua addresses soil and water remediation with a collaborative team approach, positioning AAG as a global leader in sustainable agricultural solutions.


Joshua advocates for a future where Canadian agriculture thrives sustainably. As a visionary leader, environmental advocate, and community builder, Joshua is steering AdvancedAg towards a future where innovative solutions coexist with the principles of sustainability.


An unwavering advocate for environmental stewardship, Joshua's leadership extends beyond AAG. Recognized with the Honouring Excellence – Rising Star Award in 2020 by Lethbridge College, Joshua was later elected to serve on the Lethbridge College Board of Governors, contributing to the development of future leaders. In 2018, he received the Alumni Achievement Award from the Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation, solidifying his commitment to advancing environmental technologies. 

Joshua Day Chief

John Wong 

Director of Research & Development 

As AdvancedAg's director of research and development, John is a crucial member of the team and is always focused on product development and moving the biotechnology further into the agriculture industry. John has over 30 years of experience working with individual bacteria species for environmental remediation. 


John is the holder of US and international biotech patents. He has a Bachelor in Microbiology Chemistry and also holds Master's Degrees in Biochemical Engineering and Business Administration. John is the developer of our product line and is actively involved in ongoing research into probiotics and low toxicity biofertilizers and biopesticides for sustainable agriculture. 

John Wong

Kaylee Day Chief 

Director of Sales

As the Director of Sales at AdvancedAg, Kaylee blends leadership, entrepreneurial expertise, and strategic vision to propel success in agricultural, water remediation, and retail markets. Known for innovative sales strategies, she excels in identifying growth opportunities and fostering impactful industry partnerships. Her extensive product knowledge, client relations skills, and motivational drive make her an invaluable asset to the AdvancedAg team.


Following over 12 years of successful business ownership, Kaylee brings her exceptional ability to build and maintain a loyal client following, coupled with strong business management skills and revenue strategies to the company. Beyond her professional achievements, Kaylee takes pride in her role as a mom to her three boys. Whether she is cheering them on at sporting events, enjoying quality time with her husband, or traveling the world as a family of 5, Kaylee is dedicated to maintaining a successful career and family life balance. 

Kaylee Day Chief

Daniel Wevers
Director of Operations

As a Director of Operations, Daniel plays a critical role in the company’s development and implementation of effective business processes, IT applications and operational systems.


His journey began in business management at Lethbridge College, cultivating a passion for enhancing the operations of small businesses.  After 12 years of experience in managing multiple local small businesses, Daniel transitioned to the world of IT. Committed to both business management and IT, he was able to start leveraging technology for business success. His hands-on experience provided him with valuable insights into optimizing business efficiency through strategic technology utilization. Daniel then returned to Lethbridge College to further his formal education, graduating with honours from the Computer Information Technology program program in 2020. 

Daniel has been a major contributor to AdvancedAg's growth over the last 10+ years, now working more permanently within the business he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the AdvancedAg team and ensures operational processes and systems are running efficiently and effectively. Daniel's commitment to excellence continues to help propel the company forward in every aspect of its growth and development.

Ashley Day Chief 


As Chief Operations Officer (COO) and co-owner of AdvancedAg Inc., Ashley plays a vital role in the future growth, success, and operations of the company. She takes pride in being a successful entrepreneur and is passionate about sharing her experiences and expertise to help others reach their true potential. Leading with intention has enabled Ashley to focus her efforts on maintaining a healthy work environment and ensuring company operations run smoothly. 


To fuel her passion for community, business, culture, and athletics, Ashley is an active member of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, co-chair for the Champion Committee and a proud member of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee for the Town of Raymond. Due to her dedication to innovation and entrepreneurship, Ashley was chosen as a finalist in the 2022 Alberta Women Entrepreneur (AWE) Awards for the Emerging Entrepreneur category and recently won the 2023 Young Business Professional Award at the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Awards.


Although business ownership occupies much of her time, Ashley prioritizes her role as a mother above all others and enjoys spending quality time with her family. When she is not camping or traveling with her husband and two kids, she enjoys staying active in the volleyball community. Ashley champions positive change and strives to leave a lasting legacy by empowering her children and other entrepreneurs as an influential role model.

Ashley Day Chief

Hal Reed 

Agronomy Manager

With over 45 years of agronomy experience and six years of working with AdvancedAg's biologicals, Hal is an invaluable asset to the AdvancedAg team and the farming sector in Southern Alberta.


As an expert in soil management, crop production, and storability solutions, Hal takes pride in providing agronomy advice and building relationships. Whether it’s checking fields, taking soil samples, organizing crop tours, or offering support, Hal is our first point of contact for our growers. 

Hal's immense knowledge, positive energy, and exceptional customer service is a valuable part of our team.

Hal Reed

Greg Goodwin 

Account Manager

Passionate about strategic growth and development, Greg has a knack for systems thinking and operational synergy. 


An International Management major and alumni from both Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge, the importance of fostering strong client relationships was consistently a major theme for him throughout his education. He has since leveraged this human centered approach to improve services and enhance business insights. Later, he complimented his experience with a graduate certificate in strategic management. 


The combination of Greg’s education and experience in communications and data management will be an asset as AdvancedAg's sustainable products continue to transcend international borders.

Greg Goodwin

Dr. Phyllis Day Chief


As the Founder of AdvancedAg, Dr. Phyl had an illustrious career teaching at Lethbridge College. Her entrepreneurial spirit, expertise in technical writing and passion for her family were the cornerstones for AdvancedAg. 

​Her current role is providing vision, writing proposals, and mentoring team members. Most importantly, because of the strength of the AdvancedAg team, she is doing much of this from Arizona!

Rewarding company milestones include an Innovation Leader Award from the National Research Council and an Achievement Award from the Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation-West, both recognizing AdvancedAg’s leadership in finding innovative, sustainable solutions for soil and water.

Phyllis Day Chief

Dedicated to Relationships

Our mission is to develop a team of innovative, inspired thinkers, creating a sustainable shift in the water and agricultural industries. 


We are dedicated to authentic relationships and proud to collaborate with over 30 provincial/federal government entities, academic institutions, third party consulting, research facilities, environmental corporations, agricultural and aquatic industry experts and countless business owners. 

Terry Bryce

As our Operations Manager, Terry combines extensive experience with a strong work ethic, driving the operational success of AdvancedAg. With a proven track record of tackling challenges, he strategically executes our daily operations and ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Terry is a key player in maintaining our high industry standards and propelling AdvancedAg forward in agricultural innovation and sustainability.

Terry Bryce
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