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A Family Owned

AdvancedAg has a mission to develop a team of innovative, inspired thinkers, creating a sustainable shift in the agriculture industry. 

Canadian Business to the Core

We are a proud Canadian, First Nations' and family owned company with over 20 years of leading-edge biotech research. Our award-winning team is passionate about environmental sustainability, and our proprietary edge enables us to selectively grow, blend, and stabilize individual strains of bacteria into biologically active products. 


Agriculture is the mainstay of our Canadian economy and water is our most valuable resource. We believe promoting sustainable practices through innovative, natural processes is crucial to the longevity of these industries.

Our Team

Dr. Phyllis Day Chief


As the Founder of AAG, Dr. Phyl had an illustrious career teaching at Lethbridge College. Her entrepreneurial spirit, expertise in technical writing and passion for her family were the cornerstones for AAG. 

​Her current role is on the Management Team, providing vision, writing proposals, and mentoring team members. Most importantly, because of the strength of the AAG team, she is doing much of this from Arizona!

Rewarding company milestones include an Innovation Leader Award from the National Research Council and an Achievement Award from the Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation-West, both recognizing AAG’s leadership in finding innovative, sustainable solutions for soil and water.

Joshua Day Chief


Joshua’s background is in environmental reclamation and restoration. He joined the AAG team in 2013 to conduct numerous research projects funded by the National Research Council. This important work has helped to diversify and grow the company exponentially. 

Joshua has a passion to be a leader in environmental solutions, innovation and education. He has built strong ties to the southern Alberta agriculture and business community and has continued to grow the reputation and development of the AAG product line with third party research and engaging in a team approach. Today, Joshua works very closely with dealers, suppliers and end-users to solve many soil and water issues. He has a passionate vision that extends globally for AdvancedAg.

Joshua was recently awarded an Honouring Excellence – Rising Star Award in 2020 from Lethbridge College and is now a member of the Board of Governors for the post secondary institution. He also sits in the Advisory Board for the Integrated Agriculture Technology Center and has received an Alumni Achievement Award from the Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation in 2018.

Ashley Day Chief 


Ashley completed a General Studies Diploma from Lethbridge College (2009), followed by a Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) degree from the University of Lethbridge (2014).


Ashley grew up in the family business, and her passion for numbers and problem solving, along with her willingness to work with peers and family, are all assets for AAG. Her role with the Lethbridge School District inspired her passion for working with people, event planning and implementing Indigenous programs. 


Ashley plays a significant role in many of the behind-the-scenes operations in AAG. From task management, HR, logistics and team building, Ashley is an integral part of the day-to-day operations at the office.


Ashley was awarded an Alumni Achievement Award from the Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation in 2018.

Greg Goodwin 

Account Manager

Passionate about strategic growth and development, Greg has a knack for systems thinking and operational synergy. 


An International Management major and alumni from both Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge, the importance of fostering strong client relationships was consistently a major theme for him throughout his education. He has since leveraged this human centered approach to improve services and enhance business insights. Later, he complimented his experience with a graduate certificate in strategic management. 


The combination of Greg’s education and experience in communications and data management will be an asset as AAG’s sustainable products continue to transcend international borders.

Travis Albrecht

Ag Advisor

Travis Albrecht is a fourth generation farmer in southeastern Alberta. He grows cereals, pulses, hay crops and has a commercial cow herd. Recently, Travis started changing his practices to move toward a sustainable future for his farm and ranch with increased ROI and better soil health.


His farm’s reliance on synthetic fertilizers and chemicals seemed to increase year after year while his yields plateaued. Travis put an emphasis on his soil health so he has a productive farm to pass onto his two daughters. 


Travis was the first farmer in North America to use ACF-SR. Now, he works closely with AAG’s dealers and often utilizes data and field studies to determine the best program for each client.

John Wong

Head Scientist

As AAG’s head scientist, John is a crucial member of the team and is always focused on product development and moving the biotechnology further into the agriculture industry. John has over 30 years of experience working with individual bacteria species for environmental remediation. 


John is the holder of US and international biotech patents. He has a Bachelor in Microbiology Chemistry and also holds Master's Degrees in Biochemical Engineering and Business Administration. John is the developer of our product line and is actively involved in ongoing research into probiotics and low toxicity biofertilizers and biopesticides for sustainable agriculture.