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The Falls Golf Club

The Falls Golf Club is located only 50 minutes from Downtown Vancouver. The Golf course was carved from the foothills of Mount Cheam, providing the course with a dramatic landscape that is ideal for a challenging round. The views from the golf course span across the scenic Fraser Valley. The challenge and scenery of the Falls has earned it a reputation amongst locals as one of BC’s best-kept secrets.

As described by the National Post Golf Preview, this stunning must-play course offers breathtaking views amidst lush greenery and stunning wildlife.

The golf course was looking for options to improve their soil health, particularly on their greens.

ACF-SR was applied at a rate of just 4 gallons/acre, 3 times throughout the growing season, depending on the condition of the green.

Here's what Neil Bull, the superintendent had to say:

"It's incredible the response I saw after just 2.5 weeks of using ACF-SR. We are now half a season in and the quality of turf on my 3 most troubled greens have responded significantly better with rooting, colour and disease suppression.

Looking at the dollar aspects of what can be achieved, it's a great savings compared to many competitors that are trying to put their products on the market without full transparency or a proper label."

For more on this study, contact West Coast BioGreen.

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