The Evolution of the "BrewTus™"

The BrewTus is our specialized brewing technology that allows selective growth, stabilization and blending of individual species of bacteria into biologically active products to promote soil and crop health.

Today, we have 30+ brew units set-up across Canada. Many of these brew sites are authorized AdvancedAg biological product dealers, others are private farms, greenhouses, turf operations as well as municipalities. It's taken a lot of research and innovation to develop the BrewTus models we have available today.

Take a look at how far we've come in the last five years.

The "Birdhouse" - 2016

Keeping things simple to see how the bacteria would respond, we set up 4 aerators, a submersible heater and brewed primitively at our very first location. We needed to trial the product on a large scale and we had reliable equipment from our water applications. This unit is still up and running efficiently for 1600 gallons of ACF-SR each brew.

Ian's Birdhouse - 2017

This was the largest brew we had done up to this point (10,000 gallons). It was challenging to keep the temperature at 27 C, but we did succeed and the farmer couldn't have been happier with the results on 8500 acres.