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The Evolution of the "BrewTus™"

The BrewTus is our specialized brewing technology that allows selective growth, stabilization and blending of individual species of bacteria into biologically active products to promote soil and crop health.

Today, we have 30+ brew units set-up across Canada. Many of these brew sites are authorized AdvancedAg biological product dealers, others are private farms, greenhouses, turf operations as well as municipalities. It's taken a lot of research and innovation to develop the BrewTus models we have available today.

Take a look at how far we've come in the last five years.


The "Birdhouse" - 2016

Keeping things simple to see how the bacteria would respond, we set up 4 aerators, a submersible heater and brewed primitively at our very first location. We needed to trial the product on a large scale and we had reliable equipment from our water applications. This unit is still up and running efficiently for 1600 gallons of ACF-SR each brew.

Ian's Birdhouse - 2017

This was the largest brew we had done up to this point (10,000 gallons). It was challenging to keep the temperature at 27 C, but we did succeed and the farmer couldn't have been happier with the results on 8500 acres.

MBU's - 2018

To facilitate rapid growth, going from 30,000 acres of applied product, to 150,000 acres in one year, we had to develop something that ensured higher quality control. The Mobile Brew Unit (MBU) was born. 11 MBUs were built with software to monitor and control brewing parameters. They were built for durability and mobility so that farmers could move them from site to site. These units are still in operation today. The biggest hurdle we encountered with these is that the heater and aerator still had to be put in through the top of the tank. The submersible heaters were limited to smaller tank sizes, as they were not as efficient at bringing the bacteria up to 27°C.

The BrewTus - 2020

The popularity of the product wasn't slowing down. We knew we had to take things to the next level, partnering with innovative companies to develop the BrewTus, which facilitated 350,000 acres of product in 2020.

Our 2021 BrewTus Lineup

Every BrewTus is customized to each BrewMaster, location, and application of the product.

Some of our dealers have set brew locations, where pick up and storage options are always available. Others have customized mobile versions, where the dealer can brew from multiple locations. “Adaptability is the ultimate feature of the BrewTus.

BrewTus 4000

The BrewTus 4000 is ideal for large-scale distribution and for dealers moving large quantities of product. The BrewTus 4000 is capable of producing up to 40,000 US gallons of brewed product every 96 hours.

Micro BrewTus

If you are a greenhouse operator, cannabis grower, landscaper or farmer looking to take control of your own bacteria culturing, the Micro BrewTus is perfect for you. This all-in-one plugin and brew unit are capable of producing 1350 US gallons of brewed product every 96 hours, tank and heater included.


The M-Series BrewTus Unit is great for water and wastewater applications. The first of its kind was sent out to the City of Spruce Grove to treat 20 storm ponds in 2021. The M-Series is manually run, without software or a touch screen.


Have Questions?

Please contact our Operations Manager and BrewMaster, Ryan Parker, for more information on our current BrewTus models and custom set-ups.

Cell: 403.332.3030

Office: 403.752.0278


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