Benefits of On-Site Brewing

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

For growers large and small, brewing plant growth-promoting bacteria (ACF-SR) on-site can be advantageous, both economically and functionally.

On-site brewing is a unique offering from AdvancedAg Inc. which can provide the equipment, training, and the bacteria and nutrients, to help you do it successfully. Our brewing process is far more than just rehydrating dry powder bacillus products. Our “BrewTus” system promotes rapid growth and enhanced enzyme production, providing significantly improved performance.


As the makeup of brewed ACF-SR includes large amounts of water, shipping costs can be high, especially for large operations. We’re talking about hundreds or even thousands of gallons. For a fraction of the cost, we can ship our products in dry powder form along with a few gallons of startup liquid, creating a much more viable product with enhanced enzyme performance for your operation.

The equipment needed for brewing is straightforward and many of our partners already have the key components. Those include a brewing container (we’ve worked with operations using everything from 55-gallon drums to 10,000-gallon tanks), heater, and aerator with a diffuser.

For very large operations with multiple brewing stations, electronic metering is also available.