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100% natural and organic certified biofertilizer.

The grass is always greener on OUR side

Research & Results

We are currently conducting many third party research projects for turf. This research is promising for golf courses, municipalities, parks and lawn application companies. 


One of the highlights of providing a safe, organic fertilizer in the turf industry is the before and after photos our clients send us.


ACF-SR is organic certified, CFIA approved and rapidly increases root development and establishment of turf throughout a variety of industries. Turf specialists have documented significant results through soil samples and photos. 


Whether you’re a golf superintendent, or you want a park to green-up quickly, ACF-SR is an economical solution to improve your soil health and reduce runoff causing lake and pond eutrophication.

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A*LIVE ELITE | 2 Year Shelf Life

A*LIVE Elite is an organic, ready-to-use blend of living, plant growth promoting microbes great for lawn restoration and health. Issues such as dog spots, drought and yellowing can easily be solved with seasonal applications.​


Every bottle of A*LIVE Elite is stabilized for two years to allow for multiple uses on your lawn, garden, flowerbeds or plants in your home.

ACF-SR | 30 Day Shelf Life

ACF-SR is our commercial version of live, plant growth promoting bacteria, which goes through a brewing process to ensure extremely high culture counts of bacteria. ACF-SR is great for dog spots, drought, yellowing and can easily be solved with seasonal applications.


ACF-SR contains 100% natural, living microorganisms with a shelf life of 30 days. 

Our line of eco-friendly bioproducts are safe for children and pets and are ideal for lawn restoration and plant health. Issues such as dog spots, winter kill, drought and yellowing can be remedied within a single application.


A*LIVE Elite helps to restore soil health, boost nutrient uptake, enhance root growth, increase drought tolerance and improve overall plant growth. 

Instead of using synthetic fertilizers, implement our natural biofertilizer into your treatment plan to protect aquatic and soil ecosystems from harmful runoff. 

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