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Treating your seed with ACF-SR

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

From our very own Ag Advisor, who is also a 4th generation farmer, Travis Albrecht:

Hi everyone,

Over the last couple of seasons, we have seen very good results by putting ACF directly on the seed. It is a product meant for soil applications (not a seed treatment), but I have noticed better germination, vigor and early root development by putting it on the seed.

On our farm, I try to get the seed as wet as I can by using a tank strapped to the auger. We then run a hose into the intake. I try to get around 100-120 litres of ACF per 500 bu of seed. We know you can’t hurt the seed by putting to much ACF on and it doesn't take a lot to coat the seed, so my recommendation would be to put as much as you can on. There is no set rate because we just recently found out that it works well on seed. More research will be completed this year to determine proper rates.

We will be developing a seed primer product for the 2022 season which will have actual rates.

It's important to note that ACF-SR will not control insect or a fungi infection in your soils. It will also not likely work with any other chemical seed treatments (what I call the blue and red stuff). It can, however, be used with other natural products such as humic acid and kelp.

I hope this helps anyone looking at this option!

Happy seeding.

Photo: Travis Albrecht on a line in a field where ACF-SR was used to treat seed. Maturity was almost 2 weeks ahead of non-treated.

Photo: Field in central Alberta, where the left side received ACF-SR on the seed

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