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Rancher Dugout Treatment

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

"A number of factors affect the quality of surface water sources. Nutrient loading from spring or summer run-off, little to no re-charge from a dry spring/summer, animal impact from direct cattle watering, and sub-surface soil or water salinity are but a few of the possibilities."

- Government of Saskatchewan Website

It's well known that water quality has been on a downward spiral over the last 2 decades, with many factors contributing to algae blooms, less oxygen and organic matter build up in aquatic ecosystems. This has negatively impacted many areas such as tourism, municipal water treatment and now the ranching world.

In 2017, 200 cattle died from poor water quality and dehydration.

A rancher from Saskatchewan contacted AdvancedAg to find an environmentally friendly option that will improve the drinking water for their cattle:

"As a rancher and producer, our number one priority is a healthy abundant water supply for our livestock. With a recent drought year (2017), it became an even greater priority to ensure our livestock had a sufficient source of water and a safe source. The other concern is using a safe product to treat water without having to remove that source from livestock consumption during treatment or risking further contamination from other treatments.

After one treatment with AdvancedAg's ComboPacks, there was a significant decrease of algae blooms and difference in the clarity of our dugout. We didn’t have to remove the livestock from the pasture as this product is safe to be consumed with no risk to our animals, not to mention it is super easy to apply.

The staff at AdvancedAg are very helpful and informative. I would highly recommend giving them a call and using their products on any water source."

Amanda Farnsworth, AAT, EPt. Family Ranch and Environmental Consultant,

Swift Current, SK

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