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Meet our Ag Advisor

Meet Travis Albrecht, a 4th generation farmer and the first person in North America to apply ACF-SR bacteria on a large scale.

After years and years of synthetic inputs, Travis' yields plateaued. This is where more of a focus on soil health started for the Albrecht farm. Travis started by looking for a biological product to incorporate into other regenerative farming practices. He struggled to find a product that had transparency, was backed by research, and worked on broad acres.

His journey with AAG

First year pictures with ACF on his crops:

With the results in the field, Travis thought why not get some ACF on his garden:

After two years of experience with our bacteria, and working with producers in his close circle who were also using ACF, it only seemed like a natural transition to have Travis join the "Advanced" team full time. His passion for regenerative ag practices and his strong family values made it an easy fit for our family-owned company.

Today, Travis strives to find the best alternatives for his farm so that his soil health and return on any investment he makes are in a good place for when his daughters take over the farm.

Travis continues to work very closely with our dealer network and end-users. He is always pushing boundaries on what our bacteria formulations are capable of and has been instrumental in working with our Research and Development team to find new opportunities and markets for our bioproducts.

If you are looking for someone from our team to chat with that has first-hand experience working with our products, who has personally overseen applications and trials across many markets in Canada, Travis is your guy.

Here are some shots of Travis in action over the last few years:

ACF-SR used as a seed treatment in northern AB

U of L speaking engagement

Ag Expo Tradeshow Booth

Josh and Travis met with the Alberta Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

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