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Local Gardener Shocked

Veronique Straat, from Stirling, Alberta had heard from a friend about AdvancedAg and the natural products they were producing for large scale crops and gardens. As a lifetime gardener, this was right up her alley.

"I have been in the garden my entire life. The first time my father put me behind a rototiller, I was 6 years old. Over the years, I've learned (and forgot) so much about gardening, I could fill a book or two. I love producing organic food for our family and I am able to do so every year, with varying degrees of success.

Last year, our family lost a member to lung and liver cancer in just 2.5 months, and a couple of weeks after that, another member was diagnosed with stomach and esophagus cancer. It became even more important to me to produce the best and healthiest food possible. The universe, karma, call it what you will, sent us to an information session on the AdvancedAg product a few weeks ago. It was revolutionary! Best of all, the attendees where offered a sample of the amazing product.

After just a couple of weeks of working with what I call the "kombucha of the soil," I had to transplant 3 times in 11 days with root mass coming out the pot every time. I gave the plants different boosters to compliment the product as well. I started noticing things just in 24 hours. Some of the plants did amazing things overnight!

To be fair, they are in a greenhouse with optimum water and temperature condition. Still, I'm super impressed and excited with the result so far. I will continue to monitor and take pictures.

Thank you for the opportunity to play mad scientist."

- Veronique Straat.

Here are some pictures from my 2 week trial:

This isn't something new to us. Check out what our very own Ag Advisor was able to do in his garden.

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