How to Run an ACF-SR Trial

Updated: Apr 1

Information provided by DSW Enterprises & Consulting

Protocols for trials of AdvancedAg - ACF - SR


  1. Control

  2. ACF SR 3 gal/A in furrow on seed potato at planting right on top of the seed, same applicator used for applying in furrow insecticides and or fungicides.

  3. ACF SR 3 foliar at row closure approximately 6 weeks post planting

  4. ACF SR 3 gals in-furrow on seed at planting, 2 gal/A top dress at row closure, approximately 6 weeks post planting.

  5. 2 gal/A foliar at row closure.

Sugar Beets

  1. Control

  2. 2 gal/A broadcast pre plant, post any field prep work

  3. AFC 2 gal/A in furrow

  4. AFC 2 gal/A in furrow, 2 gal/A foliar at 4th leaf

  5. 2 gal/A foliar at 4th leaf