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Hay Quality and Tonnage

“As with any hay production operation, tonnage and quality are the key factors producers look to achieve, ourselves included. 3 years ago we planted a new stand consisting of a timothy, alfalfa, broam mix and had very little success - maybe 20% germination and the rest being a loss. Conditions were to blame in that case (extreme heat / lack of water). Although disappointing, it happens.

Several others lost new hay crops that year as well so i went back and tried again the next spring, but this time using AdvancedAG's ACF-SR product, which was applied to the entire field prior to reseeding in hopes of boosting soil health and growth rates. After reseeding the same mixture, using the same procedure, within 3 months we saw incredible results! We had massive germination and growth even though the conditions were less than ideal.

The most impressive part wasn't what was above ground but below. The roots on the grasses and alfalfa plants were incredible in how they were structured. The sheer length and thickness compared to adjacent fields that did not get the ACF treatment was incredible. This really proved itself once it came time for cutting. We average 2.5 ton per acre on the new stand (first year) and the test results for quality were excellent! We are most definitely sold on the product and continue to see its benefits as time goes on. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to give their hay the boost it may be lacking as no fertilizer can achieve the results we feel this product can. “

- Ty - Pineview Solutions Inc

Pincher Creek, AB

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