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Function Focused Bacteria for Soil Health

In this presentation, Dr. John Wong highlights his twenty-two years of experience growing and combining the five bacteria species present in ACF-SR. The ability to combine these bacteria into a mixed, stable, and potent culture is the key to the success of our products. Most importantly is the PGP (Plant Growth Promoting) functions provided by ACF-SR. These key functions include both direct and indirect plant growth promotions, including;

With these functions supplied by ACF-SR, the growth, diversity, and health of the bio flora are optimized. Rather than think about what species are supplied by ACF-SR, instead, realize that ACF-SR is providing the full spectrum of plant growth-promoting functions.

To ensure that ACF-SR provides the full spectrum of needed functions, AdvancedAg grows the individual bacterial species on special nutrients, and under special conditions, to ensure that PGP functions are present without genetic engineering.

Our multi-species formulas provide full spectrum performance, significantly better than a single species product. other soil amendments, such as compost tea, digestate, or manure addition simply add bacteria - but not necessarily the actual bacteria needed for the specific PGP traits and performance.

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