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El Dorado Vegetable Farm

Located in Redcliff, Alberta, El Dorado Vegetable Farm is one of the largest vegetable farms in western Canada and provides many grocery stores in southern Alberta with fresh produce.

They approached AdvancedAg looking for a product to improve their soil health and to improve the quality of their greenhouse and field crops.

After running some trials, it was clear that the root development was improved significantly across the board. They started by treating their greenhouse broccoli by seeding with ACF-SR. See the video below on how this was achieved:

They noticed healthier roots, which resulted in less disease in the greenhouse - something they had struggled with in the past.

From there, it was observed that the bacteria in ACF-SR was also improving root development in the field crops. ACF-SR was applied at 4 gallons/acre through a sprayer on sweet corn and cabbage. We were lucky enough to have the producer take some videos for us:

Here is what the producer was noticing very early on:

The result of the ACF-SR going on the corn and cabbage was significant root development and an increase in quality.

Can you tell which roots benefitted from our function-focused bacteria?

Above: Cabbage roots, treated vs untreated

Above: Corn roots, treated vs untreated

Here's some more pictures from some of our visits to this incredible farm:

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