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Citrus Trial in Marble Hall

A trial was conducted on citrus trees to test the plant growth promoting effect of ACF-SR by measuring the increase in production.


The trial was conducted on five year old Navel Citrus trees on a farm: Fleur de Luke, Marble Hall.

Table 1 shows the application rate, the time of application through the season and also the cost per application. ACF-SR was applied by diluting it in water and applying by hand.

Table 1. Application rate, time and cost of each application


The trial was harvested on the 23rd of May. Table 2 shows the production figures for the amount of trees harvested and extrapolated to production per ha (600 trees/ha). The 6.1 ton/ha increase is a 21 % production increase.

Table 2. Production figures

The additional income for the 21% production increase at current market prices are shown in Table 3 and at average market prices in Table 4. Typical market distribution percentages were used in the calculations.

Table 3. Additional income for the 6.1 Ton/ha increase at current market prices

Table 4. Additional income for the 6.1 Ton/ha increase at average market prices


The ACF-SR treatment at a total application rate of 60 litres per ha, resulted in a 6.1 Ton/ha increase (21% increase). The total cost of the treatment is R 9 000/ha compared to the additional income of R 30 090 at current market prices and R 18 297 at average market prices.

The plant growth promoting effect of the product was confirmed by the 21% yield increase.

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