Applying ACF-SR To Your Lawn & Garden

Restore life to your lawn and garden with a beneficial blend of natural soil bacteria. 

ACF-SR is a 100% natural, bio-safe, level 1 bacteria that is completely safe to be applied around pets and children. ACF-SR is proven effective in amending the soil in order to enhance root structure and improve overall plant growth. 

Application Information: 

1. Use a clean sprayer that hasn't been previously used for chemical applications. 

2. Dilute ACF-SR with non-chlorinated water for ease of application. If you are using treated water, ask a rep near you for a product to remove chlorine in your sprayer. 

3. Dilute to an appropriate amount to allow for a good, even coverage. 

4. Spray directly on your lawn and garden

5. Apply in the evening or early morning to avoid UV damage to the bacteria

6. Once applied, water your lawn and garden shortly afterward

7. Apply ACF-SR within 14 days of receiving it. ACF-SR contains 100% natural, living microorganisms that will start to decline in population after 14 days.