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Transform your Lawn & Garden with A*LIVE Elite

A beneficial blend of soil microbes that promote incredible plant growth and vitality.

A*LIVE Elite is a 100% natural, organic certified blend of microbes that is completely safe to be applied around pets and children. A*LIVE Elite is proven effective in amending the soil in order to enhance root structure and improve overall plant growth. 

Issues such as dog spots, drought and yellowing can easily be solved with seasonal applications.​ Once you have purchased an A*LIVE Elite HomeKit you can order quart sized refills and reuse your hose-end sprayer time and time again. How it Works:

A*LIVE Elite microbes are designed to convert nutrients within the soil and atmosphere to a plant-available form, thus enabling homeowners to fertilizes naturally and sustainably, without the risk of "overuse" or nitrogen burn.

A*LIVE Elite HomeKit Application: 


1. Open A*LIVE Elite HomeKit and remove the quart of A*LIVE Elite, shake well

2. Attach hose-end sprayer from the A*LIVE HomeKit to the quart bottle

3. Attach hose-end sprayer and quart bottle of A*LIVE Elite to your garden hose

4. Turn the garden hose on, then switch the hose-end sprayer nozzle to the "on" position

5. Spray evenly over your lawn, garden, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.

Application Instructions:

  • Apply in the evening or early morning to avoid UV damage to the microbes

  • 1 quart will cover 2000sq ft in approximately 20 minutes

  • For residential lawns/acreages over 2000sq ft, we recommend using 1-5 gallon options

  • Repeat applications 3 times per growing season (Spring, Summer, Fall)

  • Designed for use on all plants, including indoor tropical plants

Don't forget to apply A*LIVE Elite to your garden, flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs. 


Have Questions? 

Please give our team a call or send us an email, we can help with any issues or questions you might.

Office: 403.752.0278


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