Updated: Apr 9

Treatment Goals

  • Increase weight and yield of maize

  • Increase volume and size of root

Treatment Design

  • Temporary crops and opencast

  • Treatment Area: 3 Ha

  • Control Area: 5 Ha

  • Corn Species: Cimarron

  • 125 grooves per ha, with 90,000 plants per hectare

  • The treatment was started 1 month after planting


  • Dosage: 1 Gallon ACF-SR per month/ha

  • Only 2 applications made in this trial

  • Application by tractor gable-watering​​​​

  • Control plants produced only primary roots while the treated plants grew secondary roots

  • ACF-SR Plants had improved health and better anchor and nutrient uptake

  • More radical root hairs


  • –Improved quality of root

  • –Secondary roots provided better anchorage and greater plant nutrition

  • –Thicker and taller stems, greater mass