Residential Lawn & Garden

ACF-SR is a “ready-to-use” blend of living, beneficial, plant growth-promoting microbes that are proven effective in amending the soil in order to enhance root structure and improve overall plant growth. ACF-SR microbes consist of naturally occurring bacteria and are not genetically modified. ACF-SR is organically certified. 


ACF-SR  is great for lawn restoration and health. Issues such as dog spots, drought and yellowing can easily be solved with seasonal applications.

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Golf Course & Turf Operations

Add life to your turf and minimize the need for costly and ongoing fungicide applications. Canadian golf courses have reported a significant reduction in Dollar Spot, Fusarium, and damage caused by winterkill with seasonal applications of ACF-SR. 

Healthier turf requires less maintenance and costly interventions. Members and guests will not only appreciate the greener, more vibrant golf course, but also can be confident knowing the application is 100% free of harmful chemicals. Non- GMO, Non-Pathogenic, All natural, Bio-Safe Level 1 bacteria. 

Greenhouses and Gardens

 ACF-SR restores soil health, boosts nutrient uptake and increases crop yield in your garden or greenhouse. The key is our ability to create a defined, stable and potent mix of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) that is easy to apply without altering your plant-care regimen.


You can increase yield by more than 20% and significantly reduce your grow time in both hydroponic systems and soil applications.