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 Increase Plant Growth, Sustainably.

A solution for smaller operations.

A*LIVE Soil is a highly concentrated and stabilized microbial formulation, designed to increase plant growth, nutrient availability, biomass and quality

within small farming operations, greenhouses, and acreages.

Grow better with biology.

By incorporating A*LIVE Soil into your fertility program, you will increase nutrient availability, fix nitrogen and carbon, enhance root structure, and produce healthier crops. Unlike many other "biological" products, A*LIVE Soil has a guaranteed analysis and has functions built in to ensure consistent results. 


Additional benefits that our producers have reported from using our microbes:

Increased Quality

Greater Biomass

Deeper, Stronger Root Systems

Increase Yields

Resistance to Plant Stress

Why Use A*LIVE Soil?

 Created for Small Farming Operations, Greenhouses, and Acreages

A*LIVE Soil is similar in structure to our award-winning technology for broad acre farming, ACF-SR, but it's adapted for smaller operations to maximize their benefits. 


Large operations go through high volumes of ACF-SR each year, making optimal use of the product's short shelf life (the microbes are alive, after all). But because small farms, greenhouses, and acreages need less product, it was difficult for them to make the best use of ACF-SR in small time-frames. They would need to purchase smaller quantities more often to get the best results, which isn't cost-effective.


To solve this, our scientists developed a way to stabilize the solution so that small operations can store it in a reliable manner. A*LIVE Soil lasts for over a year, so smaller operations can access the benefits our microbes provide in an affordable way. 

As an industry leader in biologicals, we are proud of our long-standing reputation of conducting third-party research. Visit our facility and ask us about our ongoing research and product line development.

Ready to get more out of your soil, sustainably?

Talk to our team to see if A*LIVE Soil is the right choice for your operation. 

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